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Dear ITF Members and Friends,
14 years after Dortmund, the ITF-Community in Germany again has the pleasure to welcome Taekwon-Do officials, delegations and athletes from all over the world. We are pleased to announce that the 15th Junior and 21th Senior World Championships will take place in April 2019 from 24th to 28th in Inzell, embedded in a marvelous region amidst the Bavarian Alps.
Bavaria is Germany’s largest and southernmost state, it is a land rich in natural beauty, cultural heritage, lively traditions and cozy hospitality. Surrounded by mountains, far away from traffic and shopping malls, lies the picturesque village of Inzell, situated between Munich and Salzburg.
ITF Germany is pleased to host this exceptional event in the speed skating stadium Max-Aicher-Arena in Inzell, a venue which provides the suitable frame for such an event. It is one of the most exceptional architecture arenas in Germany.
The participants will be situated close to the arena, in hotels, apartments and guest houses and will enjoy the typical atmosphere of the Bavarian culture.
Please consult our website for specific topics around the competition and find as well detailed information about registration, accommodation, airport transfer, touristic information etc. The German Organization Team is prepared and pleased to support you in all of your belongings.
We are looking forward to welcoming you in Inzell and together let us celebrate the ITF World Championships 2019 in Germany.
Master Harry Vones
President of International Taekwon-Do Federation Germany

posticon 12 Torneo IATI

Fecha del evento: Domingo 3 de Junio de 2018

Lugar del evento: Club Pedro Echagüe - Gimnasio Nº 1 Domicilio del evento: Portela 836 - C.A.B.A.
Categorias participantes: Graduaciones Gup. Graduaciones Danes. Edades de los competidores: de 6 hasta 35 años inclusive y más de 36 años, Gup. de 14 a 35 años inclusive, Danes.

Tipos de competencia: Tul individual Matsokgi individual Salto en alto con patada frontal

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posticon VII World Cup ITF - Sidney Australia

La línea técnica del GM Ramisch con el nombre Asociación de Instructores de Taekwondo presento 4 competidores en la copa del mundo celebrada en Sidney Australia entre el 23/9/2018 y el 30/9/2018.

Obteniendo el puesto 19 entre las escuelas participantes.

Andrea Manna: 1 er Puesto Formas III Dan Veterans

Adriana Lo Giusto:  2 Puesto Formas IV a VI Dan Veterans

Antonio Rodriguez 1 Puesto Sparring Prejuvenil Gups - 1 Puesto Técnica Especial Prejuvine Gups.

Lara Rossel 5 Puesto Formas II Dan Juvenil - 5 Puesto Sparring 1 a 3 Dan Juvenil.

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